Most frequently asked questions about our club

A social club or “Dating” club (called Kousai Club in Japanese) is a members only service that helps to arrange dates for men and women.

In Tokyo, social clubs must be a registered business and also needs to report of there business. It is fully legal and regulated industry. Universe Club is a fully registered and legally operating entity.

Our Studio/office is open 7 days a week from 11:00am to 8:00pm. New membership screenings (interviews) can be arranged earlier or later if inquired. Setting offers can be made for everyday at anytime!

Gentlemen members will be at least 20 years old. Doctors, lawyers, executives, and business owners. All gentlemen will be screened for income and personality.

Of course. We ask that you at least come to Tokyo once for an interview.If you live away from Tokyo, we will be able to have a Skype interview and have your photo’s and a introduction movie at a near by branch near your home.

Member’s personal information is strictly kept private and safely guarded by approved and dedicated staff. Our member page uses a proprietary database guarded with SSL encryption so that there is no risk of data leakage. We proudly maintain all of our data on a first class security system.

We ask that you show a valid form of identification (driver’s license, passport etc) with a photo. In order to keep everyone in our club safe we confirm all members identity prior to registration.

Universe Club is a dating club for mutually consenting parties. It is not prostitution and no one in our club is coerced or trafficked. All applicable laws are strictly observed.

City hotel lobbies and lounges are most often used for meet ups. Hotel restaurants and high – end restaurants are the most common places for dates.

There is no problem in declining a relationship if you find the date unsatisfactory. We encourage members to enjoy their relationships as suits them.

No payment is required for female members. We will never charge you for anything.

Please proceed to the membership website and contact us via the inquiry form. On receipt of the request, we will terminate the membership accordingly. At a time of the procedure, please also let us know in the comment box, why you want to end your membership. As an option, you can halt your membership temporarily if you are just unable to accept offers under extenuating circumstances. For example, working shifts, family crises, traveling plans, etc.

Yes, we operate from an studio/office near Ebisu station, Tokyo. New members are asked to come once for the interview to take their profile photo’s and introduction movie in our studio.