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Both were great company

Since I joined Universe Club International three months ago, I have had the pleasure to meet two gentlemen. Both were great company and I am glad I got to know them. Personally, UC has made dating far simpler and enjoyable.

Very positive

I have been a member of Universe Club since February 2017 and have received many exciting offers from many different types of gentlemen. Their friendly staffs were always very kind in helping me to solve problems and listening to my feedback. They were able to adjust dates to fit my schedule and responded to my messages really quick. My experience with the Universe Club staff members has been very positive. I’m happy to be a member of Universe Club.

Kind and professional

Universe club has been friendly, kind and professional since my first meeting with the staff at their office. Everything was explained clearly and I feel all the staff I’ve interacted with have been very helpful so far.

Found a nice person that can support me

Currently I am a advertisement model but the pay was not that good…
To keep my job I have to be beautiful but it costs money.
I was also working in a hostess bar so I could get by.

Heard that Universe Club has a lot of member with financial freedom so thought of signing up.
Since I joined I met with CEOs and Executives that you will normally not going to be able to meet.
To be honest with you the support I`m getting right now is more than my normal job`s paycheck! Lol
The staff of Universe Club is really kind and also gives good advice.
Thanks to them I have met allot of nice people and now I might be able to fulfill my dreams.

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