Most frequently asked questions about our club

A social club or “Dating” club (called Kousai Club in Japanese) is a members only service that helps to arrange dates for men and women.

In Tokyo, social clubs must be a registered business and also needs to report of there business. It is fully legal and regulated industry. Universe Club is a fully registered and legally operating entity.

Our Studio/office is open 7 days a week from 11:00am to 8:00pm.
New membership screenings (interviews) can be arranged earlier or later if inquired.
Setting offers can be made for everyday at anytime!

On average 3-4 new female members join each day, roughly 50-80 each month.

All female members are at least 18 years old and do not attend high school. University students, office workers, nurses, fashion models, adult video actresses and more types of female members can be found in our club.

Yes. It might be difficult to schedule a date with the requested female member due to the female’s schedule, but in some cases it is possible.

Of course. We ask that you come to Ebisu,Tokyo once for a introductory meeting before completing registration.

Usually if a request is declined it is simply due to scheduling issues. There are many female members in our club and we are confident that members will find a date that suits them.

Member’s personal information is strictly kept private and safely guarded by approved and dedicated staff. Our member page uses a proprietary database guarded with SSL encryption so that there is no risk of data leakage. We proudly maintain all of our data on a first class security system.

We ask that you show a valid form of identification (driver’s license, passport etc) with a photo. In order to keep everyone in our club safe we confirm all members identity prior to registration.

Universe Club is a dating club for mutually consenting parties. It is not prostitution and no one in our club is coerced or trafficked. All applicable laws are strictly observed.

City hotel lobbies and lounges are most often used for meet ups. Hotel restaurants and high – end restaurants are the most common places for dates.

There is no problem in declining a relationship if you find the date unsatisfactory. We encourage members to enjoy their relationships as suits them.

There are 4 membership classes. Depending on the class, a commitment between 30,000 yen and 300,000 yen is required. For details about the 4 class system please see our membership information page.

A setting fee is required only for the first date with the female member requested to us. You will be able to schedule any other dates with the same female member by yourself if you are able to exchange contacts on the first date without any payment to us.

No, we require a confirmed payment for the setting beforehand.

If needed, we will be able to send you a receipt for payments made to Universe Club. Invoice’s will be sent to payments by Paypal and credit cards.

*Membership Termination Request

Please proceed to the membership website and contact us via the inquiry form. On receipt of the request, we will terminate the membership accordingly. Note that the membership fee you have paid will not be refunded and all the remaining points will be invalid altogether. To rejoin the club, you need to have an introductory meeting and also require full payment of the “membership fee”.

*Membership Renewal

Your membership will expire in one year from the day you make the payment for membership. In the event that your membership expires, your membership will be suspended automatically. However, your membership account will be re-activated by making the payment of the “annual membership fee”. In this case, you will be able to retrieve all the remaining points from the past.

Yes, we operate from an office, but our male members will have the introduction interview session at a nearby hotel lounge or café for security reasons.

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