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Universe Club

UC has been my first and only experience with a dating club, and I’ve been very satisfied. I have met some lovely ladies, and the process of setting up dates is well organized and efficient. The staff at Universe Club has been a pleasure to deal with. They are not only consummate professionals, but are also friendly, polite, and are very considerate of members needs and concerns.
I would highly recommend Universe Club!

Extremely Satisfied

I am extremely satisfied with the great staff at Universe Club International Division since I became a member nearly two years ago. I approached UC on the recommendation of a friend and former member as I was going starting to spend a bit more time in Japan for business reasons. Joining UC was a bit of a lucky break as I had recently broken a difficult long-term relationship, I was constantly in a down mood and I even had taken a break off work to recover my spirit. After I started having a few dates not only I got to meet attractive and interesting ladies who wanted to have fun but also this helped me recover my confidence a great deal. I literally re-learned how to date again and my mood and outlook on life improved a great deal over time. I started to have fun again in life for the first time in many years! While I had several casual dates, over time I became friendly with several of the girls I have met and this has been an interesting and rewarding experience. I cannot recommend Universe Club more strongly, the experience I got through the club has been a massive improvement in my life in recent years. Thanks guys and girls!

Here are my thoughts on UC

They were always on time and professional. When I had my first interview, they were there before I was. I got my membership login details within one hour. When I requested a setting with the girls, I got a reply within 24 hours. The club delivered on their end. Website is nice, slick, and easy to navigate. Fluent English speaking staff makes it easy to communicate. Above all else, they have the hottest girls in the game.

Universe and Me

Hi guys – I joined in July, 2015. I’m a retired prof in my early 70s, and I joined because it had been fifteen years since my wife wanted intimacy with me. I visit Japan only occasionally, but when I do, I like to travel to different parts of the country using a Japan Rail Pass. I study Japanese transportation, demographics, economics…and women. Though I don’t speak Japanese, I love Japanese land, culture, and people! In a couple of weeks, I’ll be making my sixth visit to Japan.
Japan offers a wide variety of casual encounters between men and women. My goal has been sexual intimacy with women I can befriend and have intellectual conversation with, learning about the culture and ways of Japan from the women’s perspective. Universe Club has made this possible, with ample help from the staff of the International Division.
Don’t get me wrong: not every date has met my expectations, and very few have led to long-term friendships. Universe Club’s female members are an extremely varied group, from housekeepers and café girls through university students, corporate professionals, and entrepreneurs. Because they’re not sex workers, they will exercise their judgement about “how far to go”. Most, but not all, have financial needs which they look to us for help with. Some girls have been rude or difficult to please, but by far the majority have been interesting, sweet, warm, and very responsive. The Club database makes it possible to select those whose English is good – or at least passable – who are looking for fun, and who can match your personal profile. I’ve been very pleased with Universe Club!

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