Universe club is a sugar dating club based in Japan, and we provide 100% authentic Japanese sugar babes.
And we want to make Japanese sugar babes popular worldwide.

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Anyway, in order to achieve the goal, we established the first overseas branch in Singapore.
Well, let us explain here.

Countries that are thriving in the world now have something in common.
Those countries have a population of millions to 10 million, have a GDP per capita of 4 million yen or more, and have succeeded in capturing the world.
Those countries are prospering in the world today, and they aim to expand the scale by bringing in more upper class foreigners.

The representative of those countries is Singapore. Even though it has the same area as Tokyo’s 23 wards, per capita GDP has already surpassed Japan and has become the strongest Asian nation.

It is widely known that the country with the highest percentage of millionaires in the world is Singapore,and it seems that one in every six people is a millionaire.

In addition, the founder of overseas sugar dating site such as “seeking arrangement” is Singaporean and the other site, “the sugar book” is leading and promoting with a focus on Singapore.
Moreover, Singapore is positive for attracting foreign capitals and there are many Japanese companies, so many Japanese live there, too.

One of our goals is to deliver Japanese sugar babes to the gentlemen internationally.
And we thought that Singapore was the ideal country to achieve the goal.
Because Singapore is a safe country to live, it is relatively easy to round up Japanese women.
We are also thinking about creating a flow that allows Japanese sugar babes to be invited to come to Singapore as long as male members agree to provide transportation expenses.

And we believe this is not just a pipe dream, because Japanese women are very popular worldwide, so there will be many gentlemen who wish to meet Japanese sugar babes.
In addition, Singapore is one of the world’s most vibrant countries in terms of immigration, therefore, people from various countries come and go.

Therefore, our target is neither Japanese men nor those who only live in the local areas.
Our final target is gentlemen who come to this country from all over the world!

Since Singapore is the country where various races come in and out, we assumed that it is the best place to obtain data from various angles, and that is why we ended up to start from this country.
And the chances are that if something becomes viral, it will be explosively popular here, because even though the city in Singapore is big, the country itself is small, so trends and fads tend to spread very widely and quickly.
In that sense, we think Singapore is a country with many potentials.
And we want to believe in Singapore’s potential power in the Singapore branch.

Those were why we chose Singapore as our first overseas branch.

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