Our club, “Universe club” is a sugar dating club based in Japan, and we provide 100% authentic Japanese sugar babes.
With us, you get to meet Japanese girls from all ages and profession, from college students to office ladies who you don’t usually have a chance to meet. And some of them are models, TV personalities, and even porn actresses!

However, in our club, our female members’ photos are highly exclusive, despite the fact that seeing women’s photos is an important factor in deciding whether to join the club.
For that, I believe many of you might wonder why, so we are going to tell you the reason here.

As you know, overseas sites such as seeking arrangement, the sugar book, or even
paters, the domestic site in Japan can be registered online free of charge within a few minutes.

And the moment you register, the photos of the members will be published online, and everybody can see it. Of course, this convenience is also the reason why they become popular. However, there must be many women and men who hesitate to register since it would be embarrassing and also devastating that the information will be disclosed to the public like this.

Although there’s a difference depending on the site, you can register easily with a simple information such as your phone numbers, so many people who are not even financially in good shape can also register as fake sugar daddies.

Therefore, the possibility of getting cheated, and also, the possibility of getting identified by friends or colleagues will be increased.

Also, both the income and profile they submit are self-reported, so it’s possible to report false information, and the photos of the women are also self-taken, so they usually look better than they actually are.

This circumstance should be more pronounced for male members.

Therefore, in our club, not to mention that men need to be properly identified before joining the club, the photos of male members are of course not seen to the public by all means, and women’s photos are taken by our staff.

There will be few people who register with real information in places that will be published anywhere, and we think those who actively belong to such sites are mostly young people who hang around in Roppongi, which is well known as a red-light district, and those who are not financially in good shape at all.

It is too risky to register such sites for people with high social status, so they choose our Universe Club instead.

There are not so many yet, but some well-known celebrities have also registered our club.
This is because they put emphasis on choosing whether the exposure of information is directed to an almost unspecified number of people, or to a limited membership only.

Therefore, we believe that the number of registrants of celebrity to our club will increase from now on to the future.

For these reasons, our female members’ photos are highly exclusive.
And we believe it will eventually make both men and women in higher level gather in our club in synergy.

I hope you enjoy reading this article.

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Thank you for reading!

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