“Sugar dating.”
You often hear this word these days, but do you really know the meaning of it?
In order not to embarrass yourself by misunderstanding the word, it is important to know the definition correctly. You can also read this article if you wanna know the difference between Japanese one and American one
To understand properly, you also need to know the word “sugar daddy” as well.

Sugar daddy? Sugar dating? What does that mean? Hold your horses, I will explain to you now.
Sugar daddy is a man who gives financial assistance. And, Sugar dating means that women not only eat and date with sugar daddies, but get paid for their dating expenses, and also receive transportation expenses and money.
Sugar dating is basically different from escort service. Escort service is often related to prostitution, and the main purpose is having sex.

The terms of sugar dating, on the other hand, prohibit transactions for sex.
In sugar dating, people talk honestly on the first date about who they are and what they expect to gain from a relationship, just like you discuss in any business relationship and any business arrangement.
Therefore, if both feelings are mutual, it is possible to have intimate relationships.

The main aim in sugar dating is to have dates together.
When girls go for teas or meals on sugar dates, they are most likely to be taken by sugar daddies to luxurious places, and have luxurious experiences.
It is such a joy for men to see girls enjoy the fancy places where they don’t usually get to go, and see the whole new world. It is also a privilege for men to see them become polished and sophisticated.
We could say that’s one of the best parts in sugar dating.
Enjoying conversations is also a key factor in sugar dating.

Now, here are some examples how people meet to sugar date;

1. Through dating site
2. Through dating club
3. Through parties
4. By accidental encounters in bars and clubs
5. Acquaintances from old days




Now, what does sugar daddies and girls do on the date?
Basically, they usually do as follows;

・have teas
・have meals
・go shopping
・go traveling
・go for golfing
・go for Karaoke
・go to hotels

These are not fixed either, but these are decided between sugar daddies and girls through their likes and dislikes.
If they have a hobby in common, they can enjoy it together.

Now, let’s talk about how much money sugar daddies should give to sugar babes;

The money sugar daddies give to girls are called “allowance”.
In most cases, girls get transportation fee from sugar daddies before the dates in advance, and when it comes to the allowance, it will be paid after negotiations.(Most likely before going to the hotel.)
The amount of money will be decided based on mutual discussion between them.
When they have long-term relationships, girls get money on a monthly basis, and receive by bank transfer instead of handed over.
Basically, girls get money for each date, but since there is no rule here, delivery will be done in a way that each other is convinced.

Sugar Dating can be a one-off event, but if feelings are mutual, contact details will be exchanged and dating will be repeated many times.

There are many girls who are supported by the same sugar daddies for years.
And there are a lot of sugar daddies who feel happy to date only one particular girl for a long time to see her grow into a wonderful woman.

Well, that’s about it for now.
How did you like it? Now, did you understand what actually sugar dating is?
We truly hope so!
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