So you have experienced a few Autumn dates in Japan. Next comes winter! So what’s the dating scene in Tokyo like in winter? Is it best to just stay indoors somewhere warm like a café or a bar? That’s nice, but there’s nothing particularly memorable about it. Well lucky for you, this huge metropolis always has an abundance of amazing venues and events. And winter is no exception. Get your wardrobe feeling warm and looking stylish, then send her a message asking if she’d like to join you on a winter adventure. These date ideas will give you an idea of exactly what Tokyo dating should be. Fun, magical, exciting and full of energy.

What to Expect from Tokyo Dating in the Winter

One of the beautiful things about Japan is its distinct seasons. In summer, the cicadas cry out loudly and so do the masses at the beach. During autumn, the parks are filled with beautiful leaves and the atmosphere is pleasantly relaxed. In spring, the cherry blossoms come out and everyone has a glass of their beverage of choice while enjoying the view. And during winter the country either becomes coated with snow or makes up for the lack thereof with beautiful decorations and illuminations.

People often use the seasons to mentally segment the year as it proceeds and aim to make season-specific memories and experiences tailored to the month. That’s why when it comes to Tokyo dating, seasons are your friend. Understanding what’s on this winter and what a Japanese girl expects from the seasons is the difference between your date proposal sounding interesting and it sounding like every other date every other guy has ever asked her on. So what’s on?

1. Yomiuri Land

The “Jewellumination” event at Yomiuri Land is a date that neither she nor you will be able to forget. It is said that around 6 million individual lights have been used to light up huge areas of this theme park. Undoubtedly making it one of the largest light shows in the world. The event is seasonal, meaning it is limited to this winter. It is currently set to end on February 17. So make sure you don’t miss what is surely one of the best date opportunities in Tokyo right now.

On alternating Saturdays a huge fireworks show with 800 rockets fired per sitting takes place in addition to the illuminations. With all that magic in the air, you really can’t fail to create a great night for both you and your date. Check out Yomiuri Land’s official homepage for more details.

2. Shinjuku Terrace City

Near the Odakyu area of Shinjuku Station are a number of shopping facilities. These facilities are known as Shinjuku Terrace City. Each year a number of illuminations and winter-themed decorations are placed around the complex and surrounding areas.

If you don’t currently have the money needed to go somewhere like Yomiuri Land and need a more frugal alternative, the Shinjuku Terrace City has you covered. It is no wonder that Shinjuku Terrace City is a classic staple in Tokyo dating. With its unbeatable central location and its free-to-view illuminations, you can’t go wrong with a coffee or a drink and then a wander through Shinjuku Terrace City. The illuminations are currently there and will continue to be so until February 14, 2019.

3. Yebisu Garden Place

Continuing on the topic of illuminations, why not check out Yebisu Garden Place. Yebisu Garden Place is located in Ebisu (previously spelt Yebisu once upon a time). It is also the home of one of Japan’s best beers: Yebisu Beer. On top of that, Ebisu in general is a classy place. It’s the sort of place that a girl would have high hopes for if you told her that it was where you’ll be taking her.

Additionally, unlike the first two suggestions in this article, the focus of Yebisu Garden Place is not necessarily on the illuminations. There is a plethora of shops, restaurants, bars, and cafes in and around the area. You could meet a girl there for a coffee or dinner and then wander around the garden. You could also meet her for some of that great beer or at a wine bar. Then wonder at the lights and the classiness of the area. Yebisu Garden Place is a good venue to remember for some classy Tokyo dating.

4. Tokyo Skytree

So what if your date’s not from Tokyo? What if she’s not even Japanese? Chances are that she’s as excited as you are to be in Tokyo. In fact, one of the things that makes Tokyo dating so special is the energy and diversity of the city. If she’s new to town and keen to see how incredibly exciting and huge Tokyo really is, try taking her up the Tokyo Skytree.

Being the second-tallest building in the world in a city that some argue has the most impressive skyline. The view from the Tokyo Skytree won’t disappoint. The darkness of the sky in winter contrasts beautifully with the night lights from the uncountable windows that stretch to the horizon. The viewing platform is also large and allows you to walk around with your date to check out the city from every angle. While seeing one of the biggest cities in the world at its full glory and realizing that this is where you now are, it’s hard for both of you to not get excited about all the things you could do together. The two of you can then take it from there.

In Conclusion

Tokyo is one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in the world. On top of that, winter is an old friend of Tokyo dating. Whatever your budget, you can use one of the ideas from this list to have a winter date in Tokyo that will be sure to impress. Have fun! stay warm! And be super hygienic as the flu spreads like wildfire during the winter time in Japan.

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