The Tokyo dating scene is insane. There are dozens and dozens of different places that you can go to. You can go sightseeing, head off hiking or try some delicious food. We would advise that you have a think about what your Japanese sugar baby (or your potential date) likes to do before you delve any further into our favourite picks.

Tokyo Dating: Spotting the Red Autumn Leaves

Fall is a beautiful time in Japan. As the seasons change, all of the leaves turn from a bright green colour to beautiful shades of gold, yellow and red. The turning of the leaves is called koyo and it attracts as much attention as the cherry blossoms do in spring.

What could be more romantic than enjoying what fall really has to offer with your date? Here are our favourite koyo viewing locations:

Ueno Park

Ueno park is one of the most recognisable parks in Tokyo because it was actually opened as one of the first public parks. It is home to a famous Shinto shrine and more than 8,000 trees. Naturally, this means that it is a wonderful spot for viewing the sakura in spring and the koyo in fall.

We believe that Ueno Park is the perfect place for a full day Tokyo dating adventure for a few different reasons. Namely, there is a lot to do in Ueno Park. You could take your sugar baby to the zoo, a museum or for a stroll around one of the many trails that can be had there.

Yoyogi Park

If you would prefer to just relax for an afternoon, then Yoyogi Park might be a better option for you. People don’t really go to Yoyogi Park to see the sakura in spring, but people flock to Yoyogi Park to see the koyo in fall. This is because it is known to be home to a ginkgo tree forest that turns golden in the fall.

Take your date for a stroll from Harajuku station to Yoyogi Park so that you can both enjoy an afternoon together. There are also plenty of cafés nearby.

Koshikawa Korakuen

If you want to go to a park that is more of a beauty spot, then you can head over to Koshikawa Korakuen. It is one of the oldest Japanese gardens and it was built during the early Edo Period. One of our favourite things about this Tokyo dating spot is the fact that it was named after a poem that explained how a ruler should only enjoy pleasure once the people had achieved happiness.

The colours of fall can be witnessed in all of their grandeur at Koshikawa Korakuen. They are surrounded by ponds, man-made hills and subtle hints that show how the design of this park was heavily influenced by classical Chinese aesthetics.

Mount Takao

If you are happy to venture a little bit further afield with your sugar baby, then the two of you could go over to Mount Takao. It is less than an hour away from Shinjuku Station by train. As one of the closest natural recreation areas to central Tokyo, it is only natural that you would have a lot of fun seeing the colours of fall with your date there.

We would highly recommend that you go to Mount Takao during the week because of how busy it can get over the weekend. You will be able to see plenty of amazing views and you could sit down at an udon restaurant that has no glass in the windows, enabling you to get closer to nature.

Tokyo Dating: Hiding from the World

If you are missing the warm summer sun, then you might want to choose an indoor dating venue. Here are some of our fall favourites:

Ota Memorial Museum of Art

Ota Memorial Museum of Art is really easy to find. It sits nestled between Meiji Shrine and Laforet Harajuku and it is home to some beautiful ukiyo-e art from the Edo Period. The themes inside of the museum tend to rotate seasonally, making it a great fall Tokyo dating spot.

We would happily advise that you check online before you go to make sure that your sugar baby will enjoy the exhibit that is on.

Watari Museum of Contemporary Art

Watari Museum of Contemporary Art is a private art gallery in Tokyo that is home to a number of unique exhibitions. It features both Japanese and international artists, but most people are drawn to it by the mural of faces that can be found on the front of the building.

If you want to talk to your sugar baby a lot, then this museum could be the best option for you. It is home to a range of different mediums, including sculptures, photography and paintings.

The National Art Centre

The National Art Centre is an amazing date spot. You could roam around looking at all of the paintings, but we would highly recommend that you also head to the restaurant that is owned and operated by Paul Bocuse. His aim was to bring authentic French food to Tokyo at an affordable rate, but the restaurant itself also looks like it has been picked straight out of a magazine.

If you are visiting for lunch, then you will not have to make a reservation. If you are visiting for dinner, then you should definitely book a table in advance.

Konica Minolta Planetarium

The Konica Minolta Planetarium can be found in the World Import Mart building in Toshima. It is a literal favourite among couples and it is easy to see why it is an amazing fall dating location.

The images that are projected inside of the planetarium change across the year. 800,000 people visit annually so we would highly recommend that you book in advance to make sure that you get a space. If you want to lay down and relax with your date, then you should choose to lay together on one of the comfortable cloud seats.

Mitsuo Aida Art Museum

Are you currently dating someone who adores history and culture? If you are, then this museum could be home to your perfect date. It is dedicated to the works of the famous calligraphy artist, Mitsuo Aida. There are plenty of themes across the museum, but most of them are inspirational themes that cover how precious life is.

Sunshine International Aquarium

Would you like to take your date to one of the most popular dating spots in Tokyo? If you would, then the two of you should venture over to Sunshine International Aquarium. This lovely aquarium is a romantic spot with an extraordinary atmosphere.

You can quite literally walk under tanks of sea lions and jellyfish. There are 80 different tanks that house more than 30,000 fish. If your date goes well, then you could also go to one of the restaurants in Sunshine City.

Tokyo Dating: Dating at Night

Night time dates can be spectacular and memorable. If you want to go out at night in Tokyo, then we would recommend that you head off to one of the following locations:

Meguro River

If you want to go for a relaxing stroll somewhere at night, then the area around Meguro River could be a good option for you. There are dozens of small cafés and restaurants that you could choose to stop at with your sugar baby.

It is worth noting that the area around Meguro River is hectic in the spring. The cherry blossoms draw massive crowds of people. You won’t have to worry about that in fall, when the atmosphere becomes quiet and peaceful.


This beautiful, landscaped garden was built more than three hundred years ago. The name can be translated to mean “six poems garden”, because it was built to re-create miniature scenes from famous poems. It is home to a large central pond, man-made hills, a forested area and several teahouses.

In the autumn, the maple trees in Rikugi-en turn orange. Walking through this park with your date is an amazing experience because of the lights that illuminate your way.

Tokyo Bay Cruise

If you would like to go on a fun date, then you could also think about taking your date on a night time cruise of Tokyo Bay. The glittering lights from the city at night dance along the surface of the water, creating an atmosphere that cannot be beaten.

Tokyo Dating: Food + Drinks

We understand that not everyone likes to go sightseeing in parks and look around museums, which is why we also think that restaurants can make for some amazing dating locations in the fall. Our favourite spots include:

Planetarium Starry Café

If the Konica Minolta Planetarium wasn’t enough for you, then the Planetarium Starry Café at Haneda Airport might be. You can take your date there to enjoy delicious food and beverages, but the theme that will be projected across the ceiling changes throughout the year.

Tip: This place is incredibly atmospheric and the perfect place for a romantic date.

Fish Bank Tokyo

You can tell that Fish Bank Tokyo is a popular spot as soon as you realise that the restaurant has a dedicated lift. If your date has never been before, then they might be left stunned. The floor to ceiling windows offer a breathtaking view of the city. We would naturally advise that you go at night so that the city is lit up.


For a traditional experience, head over the Echikatsu. Your sugar baby will probably appreciate the beauty and simplicity that can be found at this restaurant, where a stone pathway, Japanese garden and tatami-mat rooms all pave the way to your meal. Most visitors choose to eat sukiyaki that is cooked at the side of your table.

Yakitori Imai

The owner of Yakitori Imai is a man named Takashi Imai. People come to this restaurant for him, not just for the food. Your date will love his reinvented skewered chicken because it is always personally seasoned by Takashi Imai. He takes the weather, his customer’s personality and the way that his customer seems to be behaving into account when he is seasoning his skewers. This creates the perfect pairing.


Suzuki is a hidden gem where colourful meals are skilfully prepared by an itamae who spent a long time preparing food in NYC. Naturally, the food that you would consume with your date here is seasonal – making it a great option for fall. It is worth noting that the omakase menu is under-priced when you compare it to other places, but it is still not going to be a cheap date.

The Best Fall Tokyo Dating Spots

As you can see, there are plenty of different places that you and your date could venture off to in Tokyo during the fall. We would naturally advise that you think about what your date wants. Does your date want to go out and eat? Would your date like to be outside? Make your decision based on the answers to questions like those ones. And for those sugar dating in Kansai, here are some romantic dating spots in Osaka!

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