Sugar dating in Japan is something that can be exciting from both perspectives. For sugar babies, there is something exciting about being able to date a man who can provide for them without them becoming tied down. For sugar daddies, naturally, there is something nice about going around with a gorgeous lady. Not to mention some of the other benefits that can come with sugar dating, depending on your arrangement.

Today we are going to be taking a look at some of the differences between sugar dating in Japan and sugar dating in America. Some of these differences are minuscule, whereas others might involve things that you certainly weren’t expecting.

Compensated Dating in Japan is Really Popular

Compensated dating and sugar dating are not the same thing, which is why you need to understand compensated dating if you are planning on sugar dating in Japan. Compensated dating involves meeting someone for a short period of time. You might only date the same person once or twice.

Naturally, this is a world away from sugar dating. Sugar dating involves seeing someone for a long time and developing more of a relationship with one individual. Some sugar daddies do indeed go on to marry their sugar babies because there has to be a connection between both of the involved parties.

In addition, you will find more of a variety of different types of sugar babies than in the west. Yes, there will be the young and chirpy college girl who wants support in paying off her student fees. However you may even meet Japanese girls that you wouldn’t expect such as working office ladies (OLs).

Expect Serious Discussions to Occur on the First Date

In America, sugar daddies are generally advised not to talk about things like an allowance until after the first date has taken place. Sugar babies in America are also usually advised to spend their time focusing on impressing their potential sugar daddies. The opposite is the case when you are sugar dating in Japan.

The first date should go like any normal first date would, but before the end of the date, it is normal and pretty much necessary for both parties to say what they are looking for. This makes perfect sense really. If a sugar daddy wants to have a sexual relationship with his sugar baby, then does he really want to waste his time going on several dates to find out that she isn’t happy with the thought of that?

It is also quite important to know that you are both on the same page when it comes to finances, an allowance and gifts. A lot of sugar babies in Japan will already know what they are looking for before they go on a date. Most will even begin to size up their potential sugar daddies before they even discuss it.


In America, a lot of sugar daddies and sugar babies leave asking personal questions for the first date. Privacy is of the utmost importance right? And some seem to think that this will give them more to talk about and it will get rid of the risk of any awkward silences.

Luckily, finding a sugar baby or a sugar daddy that is your type is so much easier in Japan than it is in America. If you are a sugar daddy, then you are in a way allowed to ask whatever questions you want, no matter how “inappropriate” some people would consider them to be. It can even be seen more like a business agreement.

Share your situation as much as possible and find out exactly how things will turn out if you do continue a sugar daddy and baby relationship. If you want to know what your potential sugar baby’s bust size is, then feel free to ask away.

Sugar Dating Agencies Are Popular in Japan

Sugar dating agencies like us, Universe Club are incredibly popular in Japan and a lot of sugar daddies and sugar babies use us as a way of arranging dates. Very different when compared to western countries where private smartphone apps are in a way more popular.

Agencies like us are responsible for searching for the right match and doing all of the research, meaning that you just have to give us all of your details and some details about what sort of sugar dating relationship you are looking for.

We interview all our members, either face to face or using a video call and first screen applicants to see if they fit our member profile. We do strict checks on personality, looks, way of thinking, income and more. We don’t let just anyone join. Our members are strictly made up of those who have the certain traits and social skills needed when endeavouring on a sugar dating experience.

We also make sure to find out more about your personality, your opinion on sexual services and some of the things that you like and dislike. In the end, making things more transparent during the matching process.


As you can see, there are a number of different factors that make sugar dating in Japan quite a unique experience, regardless of whether you are a sugar baby or a sugar daddy. In fact, dating in Japan in general. There are a number of interesting and unusual dating gimmicks to choose from such as group dating called Gokon, or casual match-up restaurants such as Aiseki bars.

But for those really gunning for a unique sugar dating experience, Japan is the place for you. If you have experience in the sugar dating scene in America or back in another western country, you might be a little surprised at how much faster things move here in Japan. And surprisingly a lot smoother (especially if you come see us at Universe Club).

If you do not speak Japanese, then you should note that only 20% of Japanese sugar babies can speak fluent English.

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