Everyone who are reading this article already knows what sugar baby is, right?
Sugar baby is basically a woman who gets allowance and dates with a man.
Then, have you ever heard of “Papakatsu girls”?
Well, Papakatsu means “Sugar dating” and Papakatsu girls means “Sugar babies” in Japanese.

If you by any chance don’t know about “Sugar dating”, please read this article!

Like Sugar dating in other countries, Papakatsu is also a very popular activity in Japan.
And now you learned that “Papakatsu girls” are the Japanese version of “Sugar babies”, but there are subtle differences between them.

What on earth are the differences?
Well, first of all, while sugar babies are often students in many cases, Japanese Papakatsu girls are not only students, but women of various occupations.

It is common among Papakatsu girls and sugar babies that amateur girls are increasing rather than professionals.
However, Sugar dating allows women to easily register for free with the apps, but their personal information and photos are open to the public.
Although the convenience is an advantage, but as the result, it is speculated that sugar dating have spread only among certain limited open-minded women who don’t mind even if the information is released.
On the other hand, Papakatsu in Japan are very confidential and the information is strictly protected.
Therefore, the information of Papakatsu girls is protected unlike sugar babies.

In addition, it was said that Japan’s Papakatsu has succeeded in approaching such people that shows resistance to the industry also by the fact that the display of the more finely categorized dating type was made.
The dating type allows men to know what relationship women are looking for in Sugar dating.

Also, there is an impression that sugar babies are more likely to be prepared to have sexual relationships.
On the other hand, Papakatsu girls are more likely thinking of getting money just by having meals.
For better or worse, that’s a big difference.
That’s because Japan has a culture of clubs called “Kyabakura”(The naming is a combination of cabaret and club), where men are charged per hour just by talking to the girls of the club, and these clubs are widely spread and very popular in Japan.

Reading so far, I think you could understand the differences between “Papakatsu girls” and “Sugar babies”.

To put it simply, there are mainly 3 differences between them.
Now let’s review.

These are as follows:
Sugar babies are mainly students, while Papakatsu girls are not only students, but women of various occupations.
This is because that in Sugar dating, there are student discounts and other campaigns for repayment of scholarships and it is becoming relatively casual and popular among students, but in Papakatsu, on the other hand, there is less environment and few ways to make money for women to be active after employment than in foreign countries.

Sugar babies’ information leaks in exchange of easy registration, but Papakatsu girls’ information is strictly protected.

Sugar babies take it for granted to have sexual relationships, but when it comes to Papakatsu girls, it isn’t so, and it all depends on them.

We believe that Sugar dating or Papakatsu was born and developed for women as a way to earn money. It was developed in the developed countries such as Japan, the US, the UK and recently even Australia for women who are mostly suffering from the gap between rich and poor, or from the repayment of scholarships.
And we think that flow will come to Singapore, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong and so on.
And we also think that the basic background of the flow is that the gap between rich and poor has become larger with the development of the economy.

For men, the way of using money for entertainment has become more sophisticated and advanced, and for women, they have changed from a profession which only sells sex by all means, to a business style that can be started with a light motive to want to live a better life in a more popular and casual manner.
And the same thing that’s happening in this industry, will be repeated in another developed country from now on.

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