Are you interested in having sex with Japanese women?

I bet you are!

In that case, you must know what it’s like to have sex with Japanese women, and the difference from women in your countries, so that you don’t get upset or embarrassed when it really happens.

Now, get ready because we will explain about the difference between Japanese women and foreign women’s sex from now on.


Japanese women are passive

While foreign women often lead men in sex, Japanese women are mostly passive.
In fact, foreign women tend to be more aggressive even in everyday life than Japanese women, so it’s no wonder that the same is true for sex.
Furthermore, while foreign women make clear opinions on sex, it is rare for Japanese women to do the same.
While foreigners, especially Westerners, are very open to sex and have the recognition that “sex is an essential act in love,” the Japanese still think that sex is “a secret, and embarrassing thing”.
It is because the old Japanese culture still remains strongly.


Their foreplay is long

Japanese women are relatively characterized by having longer foreplay than foreign women in sex.
Foreigners (especially Westerners) tend to have shorter foreplay.
There are many Japanese men who value foreplay and are delighted to get blowjobs from women, but when it comes to foreign men, it seems they want to insert more quickly than getting blowjobs or foreplay.
However, for Japanese women who feel foreign men’s penises too big, they won’t get wet if the foreplay is short, and will only feel pain when inserted.
So please keep in mind that Japanese women often feel shocked when they are rejected to blowjob, or the foreplay is too short.


Their pussies are nice and tight

It is said that Japanese women’s pussies are very tight for foreign men, so that they reach the climax in just a few seconds.
Rather than saying that the Japanese women’s pussies are nice and tight, it is likely that the foreign men’s penises are just too big for them.
So be careful, because even if a Japanese woman is grimacing with pain, there is a risk that it may be interpreted favorably as “I’m coming!”


Their pubic hair is not trimmed

While both men and women of foreign countries trim their pubic hair properly, many Japanese women do not yet trim their pubic hair and let it be as it is.
In fact, foreign men who have sex experiences with Japanese women have voiced “It looks like a thick forest …” and “I’m surprised that the hair has grown even around the buttock.”
Even though they want to lick their pussies, they get disgusted by the large amount of hair and get turned off.
But if you know this in advance, you won’t be so disgusted, right?


Have cute moaning

You must be familiar with Japanese porn videos, but the moans of Japanese women are very cute.
It is not loud moans that Western women make, such as “Ohhh, ohhhh”, but it’s more like small and cute moans such as “Ah, ah, ah” that’s specific to Japanese women.
It seems that Japanese women’s moans are attractive to many foreign men.



Their main contraceptives are condoms

Another difference between Japanese women and foreign women is that condoms are the mainstream contraceptive.
Among foreign women (especially women in the western countries), pills are commonly used as contraceptives because they are routinely used to cure menstrual irregularities.
But in Japan, pills cannot be obtained without doctor’s prescription, and because it is commonly thought to use it for medical purposes, it does not circulate as much as in the West.
Also, the main reason that the condoms are popular among Japanese couples is due to the fact that they can easily be bought at drug stores and convenience stores.
So if you have sex with Japanese women, make sure to put on a condom properly.


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