Some people say that you should have multiple sugar babies.
Others say that you should focus on only one.

What do you think? What’s your opinion?

Well, let me share my personal opinion on this issue.

As you already know, our club, “Universe club” is a sugar dating club based in Japan, and we provide 100% authentic Japanese sugar babes.

In our club, we have 7,365 women as of April 16, 2019.
And the average of 900 women join our club every month.

This is the number of our active users, because women who have found a specific partner, and women who cannot be confirmed as our member on an ongoing basis, have been unsubscribed.
And those active female members are highly motivated enough to come all the way to take time-consuming screenings and interviews and even photo shoots.

In other words, the women who belong to our club are all eager and serious about looking for sugar daddies.

Also, our female members are all carefully selected through our interviews, and by doing so, we are eliminating fake sugar babies.
Therefore, as long as you can afford economically, the dream of dating as many selected sugar babies can be fulfilled.

But what is the reason for each male member to sugar date?
There are other ways if he just wants to have sex with women.

This is my very personal opinion, but I think that the pleasure of sugar dating using our club lies in the women who chose dating type A and B.

Women with dating type A is mostly looking to go on a meal date or for light drinks only. Not looking for having any intimate relationships.

And women with dating type B may turn into an intimate relationship after 2 or 3 dates if both feelings are mutual.

I think that you will need the time and the human skills to develop into personal and intimate relationships with such women.
And the female members who claim with dating type A are also human beings, so I think the possibilities are not zero, either.
I imagine that the joy of having developed into an intimate relationship with such a woman is something that other sex entertainment industry cannot provide.

And if you meet someone like that, you’ll want to have a long-term relationship with her only.

However, one of the other merits of sugar dating is being able to see the growth of woman as an investment in return of giving financial support.
Some male members might just want to be healed, or want to fall into a pseudo romance, or just want to have someone to take to a party with.
In such cases, it might be better to date with multiple women.

I think there are different desires depending on the individuals.

Of course, to conclude, there is no answer to this title, “Should I have multiple sugar babies? Or Should I focus on one?”
It all depends on what you ask for sugar babies.

How about you?
What do you ask for sugar babies?
And do you consider joining Universe Club?
If you do, don’t just wait, but join us NOW!

If you want to know more about dating type, please read this article!
Thank you for reading!

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