If you are tourist to Japan then never come back, it would be alright on service of soap land, brothel, prostitute, or delivery health.

However you may not be able to imagine how difficult to just try these service for foreigners since there are so rare English friendly shop in this industry, recently increasing though.


Furthermore, even in Japan being lax in sex industry still some of these are illegal. Especially delivery health which is major style of sex work in Japan and many of them would try but finally insertion is absolute illegal. I who am pure Japanese though also feel strange..Rather foreigner would wonder what that is and how to enjoy that than I wonder.


Among them, I would recommend Soapland which is one of Japanese red light district area that means it’s practically legal about sex. This place is just bathroom and men and women took a bath fall in love and have a intercourse everyone don’t know why.


However, if you come to Japan sometimes or living at Japan, I would recommend Japanese dating club like us that open only to exclusive men who are financially and mentally fulfilled because our sugar dating club having high quality women instead of that required high enrollment fee, nevertheless you cannot see if what kind of girls we have until you come our interview for enrollment.


Despite this, why is this common among Japanese?

Not only Japanese but also among non-Japanese has been common.

There are surely many reasons got involved but if I was asked what is the most reason, I would answer that people wanna fall in love than having just sex.

This tendency is more prominent as the culture develop.

Cultural development comes after economic development and I guess the style like sugar dating club will be common after people grow tired of just having sex then they become to demand more different stimulation. Therefore already common in Japan, U.S.A., United kingdom and so on. From this point of view, we believe the foundation has been already strengthen in Singapore, Taiwan, or China as well we are going to launch, rather high demand on our service than in Japan I believe

So our fatal is to reach all of those who want our service.

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