Sapporo is not only full of delicious food, but it is also a great place that has many places ideal for dating.
Sapporo is cool in summer and beautiful in winter because it is a snowy region.
So, if you are looking for a popular date spot in Sapporo, we are going to introduce you some of the recommended places there.

Sapporo City Clock Tower

The clock tower is also famous as a tourist spot, but in the evening, it shows a different appearance, and when you take a walk you will notice that the view is spectacular.
Unlike other buildings, the illuminated clock tower gives a sense of security that makes people feel relaxed.

Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill

Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill is famous for having a statue of Dr. Clark.
Since it is looking over Sapporo Dome, and is surrounded by pasture lands, visitors can feel refreshed.
There are also restaurants, a museum, footbaths and other facilities.
You can enjoy here for one whole day, so it is a must place for dating.

Sapporo Dome

You can watch baseball games, soccer games, and even live concerts!
So depending on your taste, you can go to a game or a live concert and it will surely be exciting.
It’s a dome so you don’t need to worry about getting wet on rainy days.

Horomitouge Lavender Garden

In summer, about 5000 lavenders are spread like carpets. Furthermore, the scenery of Sapporo can be overlooked and it is very beautiful to look at.
You can also experience lavender harvesting here, so it is a perfect spot for dating.

Maruyama Zoo

A large number of animals are reared and it is really cute to look at.
Animals such as polar bears and lesser pandas become attractive especially in the winter season.
In the summer the zoo is open at night, not to mention there are various events in spring and autumn.

Sapporo Beer Museum

In this museum, you can freely tour the history of the Japanese beer industry. If you like drinking beer, this place is highly recommended because you can taste the different beer to find which one is the best.

Sapporo Racecourse

It may be hard to think of a racecourse as a date spot, but recently things has changed and it is becoming popular.
Sapporo Racecourse, in particular, has been redesigned and has lots of entertainments that’s fun for couples and families.
Watching horses racing so close can be unusual and fun.

Sapporo Snow Festival

Over a week each year, more than 200 snow statues are installed in the city of Sapporo, and it is one of Japan’s most popular winter events.
It is a spectacular festival that attracts no fewer than two million people every year and is visited by many people from all over Japan. The night is fantastic unlike the daytime, perfect for dating.

Chitosetsuru Sake Museum

The Chitosetsuru is a Sapporo’s local sake brand.
Historical materials and videos of the sake brewing process are displayed in the museum, and you can learn about the history from the founding and the commitment of sake brewing.
Also, you can visit the full-scale sake breweries in the factory while receiving explanations from the staff.

Mt. Moiwa Observatory

The night view from Mt. Moiwa Observatory is just amazing.
The view of Ishikari Plain and Ishikari Bay as well as the city of Sapporo is romantic and it’s a perfect place for couples. You can use the ropeway to get to the observatory.
It is a great place to visit such as Christmas or anniversary.



Well, how did you like it?

Sapporo suburbs are prosperous like Tokyo now, and there are many places to have fun and have many places to eat, so it is highly recommended for dating.

We hope you’ll have a wonderful time with your cute sugar baby!

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