Recently sugar dating has been popular not only in Japan, that as word of ‘Papakatsu’ in Japan but around the world centering on Europe and the U.S.

It is said that there are disparity in wealth in this background.

However for me as a person engaged in this industry, even if it was born based on this background, we believe we contribute to improve economy as we accelerate the industry especially in Japan.


Although I’m also Japanese, we are out of date and I guess this tendency is going to accelerate for the next few decades I mean not only about economic, culture, and development of anything but about men and women relation unless more foreign sugar daddies appear in Japan and many offer to Japanese girls.


Why I have thought so is if I am asked what most weak point is in Japanese and why Japanese has not been able to keep up with global marketing game, I would answer English ability as most one reason.

This doesn’t only mean it’s communication problem but it’s problem of understanding the culture.


This problem has been clamored in Japan for a long term but I think Japanese cannot change with royal road because they are satisfied with present situation.

I think if there is the solution of this situation, to speak of extremes our economy will improve by expanding sugar dating industry and by increasing couples coming into existence between foreign sugar daddies and Japanese sugar babies.


Why will this result in helping Japanese economy

The most high motivation on men would be for women. So if more many foreign sugar daddies surge Japanese women, Japanese have to compete global excellent foreigners then would perceive that we need more effort not only on man and woman relationship but also on economy or lagging in  global market.


That’s why we are working on expanding foreign sugar daddies into Japanese and hope more foreign daddies join our service and they help our economy.

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