This article is also continuing from previous article that we are providing each special features of our branches based on ranking data or something.

This time I researched the prefecture there are most numbers of beautiful ladies. 

That prefecture is Fukuoka. Our Fukuoka branch also has many beautiful ladies. 

It’s not just accidental and it has reliable reasons.


1, There are many young ladies in their 20’s. Surely Japan has a problems that increasing decreasing birthrate and aging of the population but contrary to this movement, it seems increasing young ladies make Fukuoka branch to have many beautiful sugar babies.



2, There are mixed blood. This is common theory though. Since geographic proximity to Korean peninsula and Mainland China, the foundation is in order and generally there are many cute women in mixed race.


3, Beauty salons are just too many.  Moreover an average cost for beauty is most high in Japan.


In conclusion 

Our Fukuoka branch having many beautiful sugar babies is not accidental.

It’s inevitable. We would like you to join us and try Fukuoka babies at any cost and enjoy trying and feeling some difference of the character of the people of a prefecture.

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