Singapore is currently one of the most richest countries in the world per capita, meaning there are plenty of wealthy guys who can afford to support a girl and buy her expensive gifts.
At the same time, girls visiting Singapore are now actively looking for men who can pamper themselves economically.

In other words, Singapore can be said to be the best country for “Sugar dating”.

So, what kind of women do you think gather in this fascinating country, Singapore?

Singapore is home to tens of thousands of foreign women, who come especially from nearby Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. Many of them are women working in nightclubs and KTVs.
Many of the women who work here are not only here to get high salaries, but also to look for sugar daddies.

In fact, there are a lot of users of App such as Paters, Sugar Book, and so forth in Singapore, and there is already a boom, but while such services can be registered easily, personal information will be easily released to the public, too.
It is not something that can be used at all for men with high social status and for ordinary women.

It is said that these services are relatively used for professional women and men who are looking for prostitution rather than being rich.

But despite the fact that there are absolutely men with high social status who can not register for such apps in Singapore, there are currently no apps or web services that satisfy them.

The service that meets the request will be the service of Universe club.

Recently, our Japanese dating club Universe has just opened a branch in Singapore.
Universe Club is the largest Sugar dating club in Japan.
Currently, over 8,000 Japanese women are registered.
These women were those who were selected by the interview, and we even keep replacing about 1,000 women every month.

With the opening of the Singapore branch, we are focusing on the registration of foreign women living in Singapore other than Japanese women.
Singapore is where the beauties gather from neighboring countries, so those are the first targets.

The Universe Club is an exclusive club that only publishes information to members.
The male members who belong here are rich men with high social status, so women registered in the Universe Club can meet such men.
In addition, it is a service that will be beneficial to those who are concerned about being exposed by disclosing information to an unspecified number of people.

If you want to know more about the Universe Club, please click here.

Due to the reasons described above, it seems many men who want to have a mistress as a Sugar daddy gather in Singapore, and because of that, the beauties from various countries gather as well in this country in search of being pampered by the men.

We don’t think that such men and women need to throw away private and personal information in order to fulfill their wishes.

Everybody has their own life.
We think that by keeping it and finding a partner for a better life is a mission that the Universe Club has to achieve in Singapore.

But how does a country like Singapore where so many beauties and wealthy men gather reach to present?

The next article will explain the rest…….

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