Almost our members wouldn’t know what this unique day, White day in return for Valentine’s day,  mean and how to date or act with woman.

This day was made from small Japanese marshmallow shop at Hakata for expressing their gratitude for woman who gave you on Valentine’s day originally but recently this unique culture have developed even more unique way that men even who is not given chocolate give women whom they like.

In other words, this day is the day you do your best for your partner or the lady you like.


Originally why this day came up?

To begin with, Japanese men are not good at expression their gratitude to their partner but they surely want the gratitude from their partner.  This white day was born in such situation so Japanese girls are easy to be attracted to those who are good at expression how much they like the partner.

Compared to Japanese, Non-Japanese tend to be good at expression their feeling so it’s your chance to make advances to, it would be higher possibilities than usual.



what should you do if you set up sugar dating on white day?

They surely expect something special from you since you set up the date around on white day.

If so, should you avoid setting up sugar dating around on white day, 14th of march?

I would recommend setting up the date on around white day purposely if you are looking for innocent sugar baby since they show true character in such a day.

I think you don’t need to present them by constraint. If you want to display your power you should do but many of our members prefer reasonable girls of some several numbers for long term relationship.

It’s big chance to check since their true character show up.


In conclusion

It’s unique day but as long as you are in Japan, you should enjoy in Japanese way. Then you may find out something new for you!

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