For those who already have a cute Japanese sugar baby, or those who are still looking for one, knowing the characteristics of a Japanese girlfriend will not be a waste.
Now, we are going to tell you typical characteristics of a Japanese girlfriend.


① Highly conscious about looks and fashion
Japanese women are particularly conscious about how they look, such as makeup, fashion and diets. They spend a lot of time and money on makeup and clothes, and they believe being as thin and slender is beautiful.

② Doesn’t express herself clearly
The most conspicuous feature of a Japanese woman is “doesn’t express herself clearly.”
Japanese people who have received an education that puts emphasis on coordination tend to avoid conflict without expressing themselves even if there’s something unpleasant and try to get along with people around them.

③ Shy about speaking English
Japanese women are very interested in dating foreign men.
And you can find many Japanese women pretty good at English, too.
That’s because they learn English as a subject from junior high school throughout the university.
However, while many develop exceptional writing skills, their conversational skill is rather weak.
They are shy about making mistakes in speaking English and, therefore, prefer not to speak it as often.
So, if you want to avoid this kind of situation with your Japanese girlfriend, tell her that her English is great, or better yet, you should learn to speak Japanese!

④ Open-minded and free
Japanese people have become a lot more open-minded and free throughout the years. As mentioned earlier, Japanese women are interested in dating foreign men and they are truly interested in accepting their culture. Most are adventurous and willing to try new things, new cultures and new environments to encounter. Perhaps it is due to the lack of high dedication to religion, though. So when dating a Japanese woman, you don’t need to worry about being accepted due to differences.

⑤ Highly organized
Japanese women are very organized.
They usually have a little calendar in their brain where all their plans for a month or more are planned in advance.
They have detailed control over their part-time work plans, play plans and even meeting plans with their families.
If you ask them to hang out, you have to give the specific time and date in advance to know if they are free.

⑥ Giving and caring
Many Japanese women are devoted to men. They are very giving and caring. They think it is ideal to support their husband or boyfriend by doing everything from household chores to personal care.

⑦ Leaves her man alone
While a foreign girlfriend gets furious and goes over to her place to confront directly when she sees other woman with her man, Japanese girlfriend is more likely to leave her man alone.
Japanese girlfriend relatively do not bind her man, and often leaves him alone.
Even if another woman approaches and develops into romance or affair, she may even acquiesce as if it is a temporary love game.
I think it is because she wants to avoid developing into arguments, or, she’s confident that he’ll come back to her eventually.

⑧ Cute and empty-minded
Compared with the West where women with excellent academic backgrounds and positions are deemed attractive, the types of women who are popular in Japan are “Cute and empty-minded”.
When a difficult subject comes out, women who say that they have no idea are often preferred by men.
Conversely, highly educated women are often avoided.

Please remember, not all Japanese women are consistent with these types.

But due to the unique culture and society of Japan, there are many women with these characteristics.

So the chances are that your Japanese sugar baby can be the one with one or more of these characteristics.

We do hope this article will come in handy at the time of dating your Japanese sugar baby!

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