Sugar dating is a new form of relationship for men and women.
It allows men to date women seeking financial assistance.
In sugar dating, women not only get paid for their dating expenses, but also receive transportation expenses and money called “allowance”.
Since sugar dating is basically different from escort service, it prohibits transaction for sex.
Then, you might ask, “Isn’t sugar dating only beneficial for women!? Are there any benefits for men, too?”
Actually, there are lots of benefits for men, too!
If you are thinking of becoming a sugar daddy, it is a must-read article!
Here are five of the men’s benefits in sugar dating.

1. You can date with various type of girls.
After all, the best benefit in sugar dating is that you can date with various type of girls. You can enjoy dating with girls from all ages and professions, from college students to office ladies who you don’t usually have a chance to meet. And some of them are models, TV personalities, and even porn actresses!
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Dating with such girls gives you an inspiration, energy and vitality, and also rejuvenation effect as well!

2. You can be the best supporter.
Many men would feel happy to support a woman who strives hard to achieve her goal, but is unable to pay tuition fee, or having hard time to make enough of her living expenses … By financially supporting such a woman, you can see her very closely making her dream come true and becoming successful, and then she’d share the joy together with you. It’s good to see her smiling and tell you that she couldn’t have achieved it without your support….. For men, this would be a greatest pleasure!

3. Sugar dating is in fact reasonable.
You might think sugar dating costs a lot of money, but if you compare going to a hostess bar charged per hour, it is much more reasonable. In the hostess bar, you can enjoy having conversations with the girls, but cannot really date them. If you want to date a girl there, you have to pay a visit many times until she agrees to date with you. Hence, if you think about the money you have to spend in such bars, sugar dating is actually a lot more reasonable.

4. It is possible to have intimate relationships.
I bet you already learned that sugar dating is different from escort service, and it prohibits transaction for sex.
Having said that, in sugar dating, people talk honestly on the first date about who they are and what they expect to gain from a relationship, just like you discuss in any business relationship and any business arrangement. So if both feelings are mutual, it is possible to have intimate relationships.
It means that it is actually up to mutual discussion.

5. No strings attached.
Even if you can manage to date with a girl on your own, it is difficult to ditch her when you get tired of her after having intimate relationships. And if it’s an affair, you’ll put your family in a crisis of collapse. However, in sugar dating, such trouble is unlikely to occur, because only condition for sugar dating is to provide women financial support and it’s neither more nor less than that. And if you are in good financial shape, you can be a sugar daddy regardless of your age, or appearance. It might sound a bit shame when you hear “a relationship only money can buy”, but since there is no strings attached in the relationship, dating without burdening each other becomes possible.

Well, How did you like it?
Women seems to have more benefits in sugar dating, but there are also many benefits for men as well.
Above all, sugar daddies are the best supporters and heroes of women in trouble.

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