Last month, I was invited to Bali so I asked my friend to go with me and took a week off.

(Of course all the expense was covered)


The guy who invited me was an Asian in his mid 40’s.

I happened to meet him at a bar in Tokyo which was run by his friend.


He rented beachfront villas for everyone, showed us around Bali, and gave us free time so that my girlfriends and I could go party,

We were able to spend a wonderful time together.


Jimbaran Beach ( In front of the Villa)

Omnia Beach Club


The guy who invited me and his friends were very gentlemen and they were exactly like “ideal sugar daddies.”

They take care of women very nicely and they were mentally and financially stable.


 I don’t know how I attract such a wonderful person.

Am I just being lucky?

Since I get to meet such wonderful people who have succeeded in business like them, it makes me feel like doing my best in my daily life and work.


I have to make sure that I don’t take this for granted.

I feel nothing but appreciation….

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