Sugar dating is a new form of relationship for men and women.

It allows men to date women seeking financial assistance by giving money called “allowance”.

Since our club, “Universe club” is based in Japan, we provide 100% authentic Japanese sugar babes.

Sugar dating is basically different from escort service, it prohibits transaction for sex.

When you hear this, you’ll scratch your head and shout, “Dating only? I want more than that!”

Calm down, please. And let me explain some more.

Despite the fact that sugar dating prohibits transaction for sex, it doesn’t mean you can’t have sex with them at all. Because in sugar dating, people talk honestly on the first date about who they are and what they expect to gain from a relationship, so if both feelings are mutual, it is possible to have intimate relationships.

So it is really up to mutual agreement.

Then you might ask, “How can I make girls feel like having intimate relationships with me?”

Now, it’s more like it. Here in this article, you’ll learn 6 ways to increase the possibility to have intimate relationships with Japanese sugar babes.


1. Refer to the dating type

It is very useful to refer to the dating type if you want to enhance the possibility to become intimate with them. Here, we have set up a system of 5 dating types to help you better understand the expectations of the women. The dating type is divided from A to E, so you can refer to it, and plan a strategy, because it indicates how strong the women’s intentions to become intimate with men.

Usually, Women with type A or B tend to be innocent and unprofessional, so you’ll know who are not so professional and how many of them have joined as well.

If you are bored with just having sex, and want to have a different experience of having fun starting from persuading, this is definitely useful.

If you want to know more about dating type, please read this article!


2.  Have gentleman’s attitude

Girls who sugar date are mostly seeking financial assistance, so they usually have the attitude to please you.

However, if you take advantage of the situation and act bossy or arrogant, then the chances are that you’ll never get what you are looking for.

Even in such situations, take a gentleman’s attitude and treat her nicely.

Keep in mind that the girl who you are dating is the one you don’t usually have a chance to meet.

Treat her like Cinderella, pamper her, and give her lots of compliments.

Japanese girls love to be treated this way, so as a result, your chance will be greatly enhanced.


3. Meet as many sugar babes as possible

The easiest way to become intimate is probably meet as many sugar babes as possible.

If you meet as many of them as possible, the chances of meeting the girl who agrees to become intimate with you will increase.

So just keep on giving your offers to many girls.


4. Give a large amount of “allowance”

To be completely honest with you, if you give a large amount of “allowance”, the probability of having intimate relationships will increase considerably.

It also comes down to having mutual agreement, however, since most of the sugar babes are seeking financial assistance, this works a lot.

However, for some sugar babes who are not so obsessed with money, this won’t really work. But if you are financially in good shape, it’s worth trying.


5. Suggest a long-term relationship

Most of the sugar babes are looking for sugar daddies who she can date with for a long run. So just say, “I’m looking for someone who I can have a long-term relationship.”

If the girl really wants to win the long-term relationship, then there’s a high chance she’d agree to become intimate with you.


6.   Invite for a trip 

You can invite the girl for a trip.

You can casually ask her, “I’m going on a trip to Hokkaido(Actually, any place is fine), but do you want to come?”

If she likes traveling, there’s a high chance she’d say, “I’d love to!!”

Then, arrange the same room in a hotel.

Now, try your best to turn her on.

But remember, it is really up to mutual agreement.

Good luck!

These were 6 ways to increase the possibility to have intimate relationships with Japanese sugar babes. I really hope it helps to increase your odds to have intimate relationships in your sugar dating life!


If you don’t know about our dating type, and wants to learn more about it, please read this article!


Thank you for reading!


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