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Dating a sugar baby in Japan can be difficult work, especially if you are new to the scene and you are currently seeking your first arrangement. There are a lot of different practices that you need to be aware of before you head off on your adventure. As the sugar daddy, you will be expected to lead the way. Your sugar baby (or prospective sugar baby) will follow your actions and behave in a certain way because of them.


  1. Pay Attention to your Sugar Baby

Paying attention to your sugar baby is the most important thing that you can do, especially if it is your first date. It is really important that you keep your phone in your pocket and make sure that you refrain from checking it for any reason, even if it is just to send someone else a quick text.


If you really must send a text or call someone, then you should nip to the restroom to do do it, so that it doesn’t look like to you are disinterested. If you are on a first date and you decide that you are not interested, then using your phone could be a good way of showing the sugar baby who is with you signs that you are not feeling the chemistry.



  1. Appearance is Important


Do you think that it is important for your sugar baby to be attractive? Of course you do. It makes complete sense that your sugar baby also wants you to be attractive, neat in appearance and tidy. Make sure that you stay tidy while you are with your sugar baby, even if the two of you are only together for short periods of time.


In the same way, it is perfectly fine for you to expect your sugar baby to stay neat and tidy, especially if the two of you are spending a lot of time going away together in hotels. The last thing that you want to see is make-up in your sink first thing in the morning and rubbish around the room.


  1. Value the Privacy of your Sugar Baby


If you are dating a sugar baby in Japan, then you should probably keep the whole affair a secret unless you are certain that your sugar baby is open about her lifestyle. We all know that most sugar daddies are married so it makes sense for the two of you to remain private about your lives with each other anyway. Especially in Japan.


If you have not met your sugar baby yet, then you should attempt to arrange a meet up as quickly as possible. Constantly messaging back and forth can become tedious and any serious sugar baby will want to meet you straight away.



  1. Good Conversation is a Must



No sugar baby really wants to sit and listen to someone who is boring for hours on end. It is important that you respect her privacy and that she respects yours, but you should also try to get to know each other. If you don’t get to know each other, then you will probably find that your arrangement will not last very long. For a successful arrangement to be made, then you have to feel comfortable with your sugar baby and she has to feel comfortable with you. Honesty is also incredibly important.


At the same time, you have to make sure that you introduce yourself in a way that will make you stand out to your sugar baby. Smile and shake her hand, make sure that you maintain eye contact and tell her a little bit about who you are and why you are there to meet her. As the conversation flows, you should try to ask her a lot of things about herself so that she knows that you are attentive.



  1. Know when to Give Gifts

If you are new to the world of sugar dating, then you will probably be struggling to work out when you should give your sugar baby gifts and what sort of gifts you should give her. No respectful sugar baby would ever expect a gift on the first date (or an allowance). A first date is for making an arrangement and you don’t really have to be giving away gifts before an arrangement has been made.



  1. The Money Talk


The money talk is incredibly important in any sugar baby situation. You need to have it, but you also need to make sure that you time it right. If your prospective sugar baby starts talking about money straight away, then this is a clear indication of what she is after. Then you have to make a decision if this is right for you.


Try to make sure that you know exactly how much money you are willing to put into the arrangement before you have “the money talk”. Don’t deviate. If you know what you are willing to spend, then you should not be willing to spend anything more than that.



  1. Physical Attention


One of the most important pieces of dating etiquette that you need to make yourself familiar with is the fact that most sugar babies are in no way obliged to do physical things with you. Things like sex have to be discussed between yourself and your sugar baby while you are making your initial arrangement.


There are some sugar babies who will happily have sex with you, but there are also a lot of sugar babies who refuse to have sex with their sugar daddies. Some might be up for just cuddling. It is worth noting that most sugar babies are happily willing to assume that their sugar daddies will want to have sex with them. There is no secret about it and it is safe to say that sexual relations occur in most sugar baby relationships.


At the same time, you should never make your sugar baby feel obligated to have sex with you. If you want full on ‘Sexual Play’ without considering the others situation first, then you would be better off going to a hotel or delivery health service.





As you can see there are a lot of different pieces of sugar dating etiquette that you need to be aware of. You need to make sure that you are calm and presentable, and that you can lead the conversation and make sure that your sugar baby feels comfortable with who you are as a person. Try to stay as polite as possible and make sure that you talk about a lot of subjects that you find interesting.


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