The proper mindset!

Hi Everyone!! This is Andy from Universe Club. I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far! :) The picture above is basically kind of like how I am right now lol You see a dog is very friendly loyal and gives you comfort and when your dog is sad or lonely they giveRead More

A Warm Spring Day at Ebisu

Hello all the UC members and those who are interested in our club. This is Mia Stone from Universe Club. I am very sorry, I did not write the blog for long time. I hope everyone is doing great and enjoy our service. Today is very warm and I felt that spring is around theRead More

It`s just one of those days..

How is it going? Hi everyone! I hope everyone is having a great week. This is Andy Keani from Universe Club. I wanted to mention/ask all of you Just one of those days Doesn't everybody have just one of those days? Where you don`t want to wake up? Or when you are feeling really downRead More

Civil WAR in UC international

Battle of UC Hi there this is Ryu. Sorry I was not updating the blog recently. Dating club is a really up and down industry and trying to figure out what to do to make the service better. Also trying really hard to be busy as THC which is a foreigner friendly escort service in Tokyo.Read More

What are the differences?? Hmm..

Hi everyone! I hope you all are have a nice weekend so far! This is Andy Keani from Universe Club International division. I would like to give a few pointers on the huge difference between a escort service and dating service! This was actually kind of mentioned previously by my colleague previously. Just think ofRead More

What kind of fetish…???

Hi This is Shelly Fujioka again. Hope everyone is having great time. I want to talk about bit about ‘fetish’ today. So.. what kinds of fetish do you have? There must be a lots fetish around, like breasts fetish (it’s most men, I think) buttocks fetish,( our manager ) leg fetish, smell fetish, ankles fetishRead More

New feature installed

To our male members Hi this is Ryu from UC intl Div. I here want to inform that we are going to install a new feature to the male member`s page.   The new feature is going to be "Profile Information". ・Desktop version member`s page: TOP>Registered Info ・Smart Phone version member`s page: TOP>Profile information YouRead More

Money money, money…

Hi everyone, hope all are having a fantactic day.It is Shelly again from universe club Japan. Today I would like to share the money condition of average Japanese girls. It is saying that the average monthly income of the general companies for girls in twenties is about 200000yen or below. Well there are pension healthRead More

Difference with our service and a escort service

Date or Escort Hi there, this is Ryu. I am a coordinator in Universe Club international division. We are a date matching service based in Japan. Some people makes a mistake with a escort service but our service`s genre will be Kosai-club or Dating club in Japan. Basically our service is to match up SugarRead More

Trial and Error, But That’s Life

Hello there, this is Mia Stone. I hope everyone will be ready to have a great weekend. Well, I have been spending very difficult time at work so far. I do not want to say any complains about my work, but I really want to say that I have been spending hard time. It isRead More