Souvenier from Macau !

Our male member brought us a souvenir from Macau! It was a delicious famous Almond Cakes . We all shared it with every staff at Tokyo office! Thank you very much Mr.S !! I am looking forward to have you back in Tokyo! 🙂 Reina

Silver week…?!?!

Are you enjoying the silver week holiday? The weather’s been gorgeous and I can smell Fall in the wind. I love the Sun, wind, and smell of the summer end…and feel a little sad to say good bye to summer. Yes, I am working through the silver week! But I am off tomorrow to goRead More

I miss you Summer!

Dear Universe Club members, For the members who have contacted us this past week, thank you very much for bare with us.!! I was away for a vacation for a week from 8/20-8/28. I came back to office on 8/29. I went to see my old friends in NYC we went on a ship fromRead More

Short trip to Tokyo

Summer has finally started , but what’s up with all those typhoons? I hope you are still having a nice time. Changing topic : The other day we met a very friendly gentleman , who was highly interested in giving Universe Club a try. It was his first time to Japan , so he hadRead More