In my mind

Hi everyone This is Andy Keani from Universe Club International! This year I wanted to express my extreme loneliness as I tried sending some emails to some of you but I guess because eveyone is busy at the moment I have not received replies too much yet… My  goal for this year is to putRead More

Thanksgiving coming around the corner!

November Hi I`m Andy Keani from Universe International. I would like to write a little about thanks giving since its coming up soon. Thanks giving is the season of giving as we all know this so you know what to do just kidding. Seriously that would be very giving though as giving us more requestsRead More

Sexy and Lucky Underwear for Men

Sexy Underwear I think most men expect ladies to wear their underwear sexy as much as possible, especially when you have a date. Well, for ladies side, men should wear something sexy as well. These do not have to be too fancy but should be something special at least. Do you think it is tooRead More

Halloween Weekend!!!

It is the time of the year Halloween weekend is coming in couple of days. How are you spending the time? This culture just started to get popular in Japan recently. There is some difference of how people spend their time in Halloween. Difference The understanding of Halloween for me is that guys dresses upRead More

The difference between us and them

What makes Universe Club different from other online dating sites ? Online dating sites, or sugar dating sites and some escort service Tokyo sites have been a convenient and an exciting way to meet that special someone, but to some, it might be suspicious and an unsuccessful way to find a companion. Registering your personal details,Read More

Souvenier from Macau !

Our male member brought us a souvenir from Macau! It was a delicious famous Almond Cakes . We all shared it with every staff at Tokyo office! Thank you very much Mr.S !! I am looking forward to have you back in Tokyo! 🙂 Reina

Silver week…?!?!

Are you enjoying the silver week holiday? The weather’s been gorgeous and I can smell Fall in the wind. I love the Sun, wind, and smell of the summer end…and feel a little sad to say good bye to summer. Yes, I am working through the silver week! But I am off tomorrow to goRead More

I miss you Summer!

Dear Universe Club members, For the members who have contacted us this past week, thank you very much for bare with us.!! I was away for a vacation for a week from 8/20-8/28. I came back to office on 8/29. I went to see my old friends in NYC we went on a ship fromRead More

Short trip to Tokyo

Summer has finally started , but what’s up with all those typhoons? I hope you are still having a nice time. Changing topic : The other day we met a very friendly gentleman , who was highly interested in giving Universe Club a try. It was his first time to Japan , so he hadRead More