The difference between Japanese women and foreign women’s sex

Are you interested in having sex with Japanese women? I bet you are! In that case, you must know what it’s like to have sex with Japanese women, and the difference from women in your countries, so that you don’t get upset or embarrassed when it really happens. Now, get ready because we will explainRead More

Recommended date spots in Sapporo

Sapporo is not only full of delicious food, but it is also a great place that has many places ideal for dating. Sapporo is cool in summer and beautiful in winter because it is a snowy region. So, if you are looking for a popular date spot in Sapporo, we are going to introduce youRead More

Characteristics of a Japanese girlfriend

For those who already have a cute Japanese sugar baby, or those who are still looking for one, knowing the characteristics of a Japanese girlfriend will not be a waste. Now, we are going to tell you typical characteristics of a Japanese girlfriend.   ① Highly conscious about looks and fashion Japanese women are particularlyRead More

Recommended Date Spots in Okinawa

Where do you take your sugar baby while you are in Okinawa? For those who have no idea, we collected recommended date spots. Please read this article in advance and surprise your sugar baby!   1. Mihama American Village Mihama American Village is perfect for shopping and gourmet. There, you can visit nice cafes, buyingRead More

How to find a sugar daddy in Singapore

Singapore is currently one of the most richest countries in the world per capita, meaning there are plenty of wealthy guys who can afford to support a girl and buy her expensive gifts. At the same time, girls visiting Singapore are now actively looking for men who can pamper themselves economically. In other words, SingaporeRead More

The difference between “Papakatsu girls” and “Sugar babies”

Everyone who are reading this article already knows what sugar baby is, right? Sugar baby is basically a woman who gets allowance and dates with a man. Then, have you ever heard of “Papakatsu girls”? Well, Papakatsu means “Sugar dating” and Papakatsu girls means “Sugar babies” in Japanese. If you by any chance don’t knowRead More

8 Recommended Date Spots around Tokyo and Osaka area

Now, you’ve found a beautiful Japanese sugar babe and you are all ready to date her in Japan, but you have no idea where to go …! what should you do? Well, no need to worry! This time, we will introduce popular date spots that you can enjoy all day long around Tokyo and OsakaRead More

Why Universe Club chose Singapore as first overseas branch

Universe club is a sugar dating club based in Japan, and we provide 100% authentic Japanese sugar babes. And we want to make Japanese sugar babes popular worldwide. If you are interested in Universe club, please click HERE. Anyway, in order to achieve the goal, we established the first overseas branch in Singapore. Why? Well,Read More

Should I have multiple sugar babies

Some people say that you should have multiple sugar babies. Others say that you should focus on only one. What do you think? What’s your opinion? Well, let me share my personal opinion on this issue. As you already know, our club, “Universe club” is a sugar dating club based in Japan, and we provideRead More

Why are the girls’ photos in Universe Club so exclusive

Our club, “Universe club” is a sugar dating club based in Japan, and we provide 100% authentic Japanese sugar babes. With us, you get to meet Japanese girls from all ages and profession, from college students to office ladies who you don’t usually have a chance to meet. And some of them are models, TVRead More