Set up the second date!

Hi, it has be a while, this is Shelly! Hope everyone is enjoying today's sunny wonderful weather. I have had a pretty lots interview with Japanese girls who would like to become our female members. Then I found that there are lots girls who are looking for long term relationship with a few of goodRead More

Where to go after your date(Hotel ver)

Aloha, this is Ryu again. I went to talk with one of our member the other day and had a great talk with him with some great beef!! It was not a date so NO I did not go to a hotel with him! FYI I am only interested in females. Really nice steak houseRead More

Sugar dating experience!!

Hi my Andy Keani from Universe International. I would like to say first of all thank you to all of our members from the bottom of my heart. Hope you are enjoying your sugar dating experience! For better Sugar Dating My thoughts on a better sugar dating experience... To be honest I have never doneRead More

Is it usual for you?

Hi there! It's Emma again:) Mia wrote she is working as Japan side recently on her blog, I've recently working as Japan side as well. My thoughts... I'm dealing with Japanese girls' contact, and I thought Japanese young girls tend to be late on their date. They always say "I'm sorry. I'll be late aboutRead More


Hi there! It's Emma Kikuchi, Universe Club International Division. I hope all of UC members doing well! :) Today, I would like to introduce you new sugar dating spot: Tokyo Midtown Hibiya There are many shops and restaurants in Tokyo Midtown Hibiya. It should be your new must go sugar dating spot;) NOTE: I'm sorryRead More

Blog: Roppongi Sugar Dating

Hello there, this is Mia Stone. I want to talk a little about some sugar dating information. Before that I want to talk a bit about myself if that is OK... Mia's Business Info I need to talk some business first. From April, the marketing division of Universe Club changed organization and I belong toRead More

Before becoming a member

Hi Everyone. This is Ryu again. Are you thinking "It`s him again..."? Too bad because there is only 4 staffs in the international division and I am the only one with the time to wright the blogs! lol Today I wanted to talk about what is required to become a member! To become a member...Read More

Difference between Escort SEX and Dating Club SEX

Hi this is Ryu. How is it going? It is finally getting warmer in Japan. Today I wanted to talk about the difference between the SEX by the Escort service and Dating Club SEX. Sorry it is a dirty topic! lol Escort SEX First of all, what can you do with the escort service inRead More

Blog: Nice Restaurant for Sugar Dating in Ebisu

Good Place for Sugar Dating Hello there, how have you been? This is Mia Stone from Marketing Division. Last Friday, I found very cozy restaurants in Ebisu, so I would like to introduce you. Those restaurants are for you  who like drink wine, are vegan, and Jazz music. Restaurants are very close to, so youRead More

Blog: China Town in Japan? Sugar Date at China Town

Hello there, I hope you have great weekend.   This is Mia Stone from marketing division. Last time, I talked about the Japanese famous sightseeing spot, Asakusa. Today, I would like to talk about another beautiful dating spot, Yokohama. Yokohama Yokohama is the Japan’s second largest city and locates just 30 minutes away from TokyoRead More