We are looking for partners in Singapore

For the launching of our Singapore branch, we are wondering if anyone or any company would be interested in helping out.   Looking for partners in two patterns 1, Partner as a company We let your company run the business in Singapore under our free backup   2, Partner as an individual Japan head officeRead More

Must-Know Japanese Table Manners when Going on a Dinner Date

Being brought up in Western societies, many of us might have been strictly taught the importance of one’s manners when eating. If you are from Europe too, then you have probably been taught that making noises while eating, or talking with your mouth full, are not only disgraceful, but also disrespectful towards the people whoRead More

Feedback: Really nice

Branch : Tokyo Day of the date : 10/23/2018 Total : 25 ★★★★★ 【Looks】: Did he have a clean image? ★★★★★ 【Contents】: Did you enjoy the date? ★★★★★ 【personality】: How was his character and personality? ★★★★★ 【Manner】: Was he unmannered such as being late? ★★★★★ 【Overall】: Overall, how was the date? Impression : Really nice and very easy to talk to. Allow publication : Agree Occupation : Dancer Age : 20s

Feedback: Had an awesome date…finally! 

------------------------------------------------------------------------ Branch : Tokyo Day of the date : 10/25/2018 Total : 25 ★★★★★ 【Looks】: Did she look different in person compared to the photos? ★★★★★ 【Contents】: Did the information in her profile match her? ★★★★★ 【personality】: How was her personality and character? ★★★★★ 【Manner】:  Was she unmannered such as being late? ★★★★★ 【Overall】: Overall, how was the date? Impression : Had an awesome date...finally!  We had a nice dinner with excellent communication.  She was so much better looking in person but her profile photos were lovely too.  Charming, intelligent and cute she was the perfect date.  We had a very nice time for dinner and afterwards.  We exchanged contact information and will continue the relationship. Very happy and pleased with the date.  No complaints whatsoever. Allow publication : Agree Age : 40s ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Branch : Tokyo Day of the date : 10/19/2018 Total : 25 ★★★★★ 【Looks】: Did she look different in person compared to the photos? ★★★★★ 【Contents】: Did the information in her profile match her? ★★★★★ 【personality】: How was her personality and character? ★★★★★ 【Manner】:  Was she unmannered such as being late? ★★★★★ 【Overall】: Overall, how was the date? Impression : I had a wonderful dinner date with Ms Fujimiya She was well dressed, impeccably mannered throughout the date and we had a couple drinks at the bar before parting our ways. Allow publication : Agree Occupation : IT Age : 30s ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Universe Club Singapore branch is coming soon!

We provide sugar dating services and help make Japanese Sugar Babies. We have 14 branches all over Japan. We are the largest dating club that welcomes foreigners.  The registration fee is free for a limited time only. Grab your chance NOW! *Upon joining the club, you will need to go through an entry interview. *Only forRead More

The Difference Between Sugar Dating in Japan and America

Sugar dating in Japan is something that can be exciting from both perspectives. For sugar babies, there is something exciting about being able to date a man who can provide for them without them becoming tied down. For sugar daddies, naturally, there is something nice about going around with a gorgeous lady. Not to mentionRead More

Feedback: She made a great effort…

Branch : Tokyo Day of the date : 09/15/2018 Total : 25 ★★★★★ 【Looks】: Did she look different in person compared to the photos? ★★★★★ 【Contents】: Did the information in her profile match her? ★★★★★ 【personality】: How was her personality and character? ★★★★★ 【Manner】: Was she unmannered such as being late? ★★★★★ 【Overall】: Overall, howRead More

Feedback from Female member

Branch : Tokyo Day of the date : 08/26/2018 Total : 22 ★★★★☆ 【Looks】: Did he have a clean image? ★★★★☆ 【Contents】: Did you enjoy the date? ★★★★☆ 【personality】: How was his character and personality? ★★★★★ 【Manner】: Was he unmannered such as being late? ★★★★★ 【Overall】: Overall, how was the date? Allow publication : AgreeRead More