Only foreign sugar daddies can help Japanese economy

Recently sugar dating has been popular not only in Japan, that as word of ‘Papakatsu’ in Japan but around the world centering on Europe and the U.S. It is said that there are disparity in wealth in this background. However for me as a person engaged in this industry, even if it was born basedRead More

Red light district or Japanese sugar dating club

If you are tourist to Japan then never come back, it would be alright on service of soap land, brothel, prostitute, or delivery health. However you may not be able to imagine how difficult to just try these service for foreigners since there are so rare English friendly shop in this industry, recently increasing though.Read More

How to date on white day in Japan

Almost our members wouldn’t know what this unique day, White day in return for Valentine’s day,  mean and how to date or act with woman. This day was made from small Japanese marshmallow shop at Hakata for expressing their gratitude for woman who gave you on Valentine’s day originally but recently this unique culture haveRead More

Fukuoka dating : 3 places to date with your sugar baby

We suggested our Fukuoka beautiful ladies as your date partner on previous article and since I recommended you the branch, I would provide the dating spot when offering them. Among them this time, I will recommend typically Japanese date spot. If you go on date with your sugar baby far to Fukuoka on purpose,  I wouldRead More

Most beautiful sugar babies are in Fukuoka branch

This article is also continuing from previous article that we are providing each special features of our branches based on ranking data or something. This time I researched the prefecture there are most numbers of beautiful ladies.  That prefecture is Fukuoka. Our Fukuoka branch also has many beautiful ladies.  It’s not just accidental and it hasRead More

Our sugar dating is all over Japan, from Okinawa to Sapporo but…

As foreigners are increasing in Japan, fortunately our foreign members also have been increasing but if it’s compared to foreign total population increasing, our growing is merely a bit. In 2017’s survey, foreigners living in Japan are increasing in 46 of Japanese 47 prefectures without Nagasaki prefecture, totally up to 2,490,000 a year. Our branchesRead More

The differences between Japanese sugar dating and other dating site

Each service has each advantages and disadvantages. Here I will show you the differences between them and would like to provide you the information for making a decision to join or not.       Number of Members Firstly regarding number of members, of course other world dating site like Seeking Arrangement has far moreRead More

Feedback from the Females

Branch : Tokyo Day of the date : 01/28/2019 Total : 20 ★★★★☆ 【Looks】: Did he have a clean image? ★★★★☆ 【Contents】: Did you enjoy the date? ★★★★☆ 【personality】: How was his character and personality? ★★★★☆ 【Manner】: Was he unmannered such as being late? ★★★★☆ 【Overall】: Overall, how was the date? Allow publication : Agree Occupation : Model Age : 20s ____________________________________ Branch : Tokyo Day of the date : 2019/01/31 Total : 25 ★★★★★ 【Looks】: Did he have a clean image? ★★★★★ 【Contents】: Did you enjoy the date? ★★★★★ 【personality】: How was his character and personality? ★★★★★ 【Manner】: Was he unmannered such as beingRead More

Tokyo Dating: 4 Places to Take Your Date in Winter

So you have experienced a few Autumn dates in Japan. Next comes winter! So what’s the dating scene in Tokyo like in winter? Is it best to just stay indoors somewhere warm like a café or a bar? That’s nice, but there’s nothing particularly memorable about it. Well lucky for you, this huge metropolis alwaysRead More

Tokyo Dating: 18 Places to Take Your Date in Fall

The Tokyo dating scene is insane. There are dozens and dozens of different places that you can go to. You can go sightseeing, head off hiking or try some delicious food. We would advise that you have a think about what your Japanese sugar baby (or your potential date) likes to do before you delveRead More