Difference of how Japanese and Foreigner treat women

Hi there, this is Ryu. Did you know that we have multiple interviewing area in Tokyo? I was at the Ginza branch the other day. When I was there I was talking with one of the Japanese staff and there was something I realized. The international gentlemen is sooooooooo good to the females we neverRead More

Rainy days…How’s going everybody?

Hello everyone, This is Mia Stone from Advertising Management Division! By the way, thank you for comment on my previous blog. I was so happy to  hear real voice and get comment. These days, I am kind of being depressed because of rain. Today is sunny, so I am very fine! hehe I know JapanRead More

Pubic Hair…How Japanese Girls Take Care of it?

Hello all the gentlemen and ladies, This is Mia Stone from adverting management division. I am sorry that I uploaded many blogs recently. I have written blogs about Japanese girls such as boobs, bottom, and hair. So I was thinking what I should write next. I asked the girls in my office what the differenceRead More

Blog: Relation between sex and blood type

Hi there! It's Emma from UC International Division. The rainy season has come, and I can't wait summer!!! Today, I'm going to write about relation between sex and blood type. Do you guys know most of all Japanese people tend to believe in blood type personality test? Basic Personality Blood type A: People who haveRead More

Female Member Interview: Lisa

Name: Lisa Age: 25 Residence: Tokyo Horoscope: Leo Height: 160 cm Weight: 55 kg Breast Cup: C Regarding the interview 1. How did you contact us? (Tel, Email, Other) - LINE 2. Where and what time did you have the interview? - In Shinjuku at 4pm 3. How was the interview? - I was scaredRead More

The fun in meeting Japanese girls!

Fun in meeting Japanese girls... Fun in meeting Japanese girls. They are very unique in a way that separates them from the rest of the different nationality types of girls! This is Andy from Universe Club. Japanese girls have a very exotic type of look where you can`t tell their actually age they look veryRead More

Blog: Bad Smell Makes People Disappointed.

Hello all the gentlemen and ladies, This is Mia Stone from advertising management division. The weather in Tokyo is hot recently and I am spending very uncomfortable days because of bad smell. Stinky, Stinky, STINKY….   I really do not like very bad smell and No one likes it. I am writing this and somehowRead More

Black Hair…Japanese Girls Have Beautiful Black Hair

Hello there, This is Mia Stone AGAIN and I am going to upload my blog on Tuesday and Thursday. So if you like my blog, please looking forward to read my blog on those days and if you do not  like my blog, please be patient… Okay, my last blogs were about Japanese girls bodyRead More