The Top 6 Most Appreciated Presents from a Japanese Sugar Daddy

We understand that gift giving is hard in general, but it can be even harder for people who have sugar babies to buy for. The very nature of sugar dating revolves around exchanging gifts and cash. For a Japanese sugar daddy, getting a gift wrong or forgetting to give a gift could turn out toRead More

Info : Change of Dating Type E

To all members, Thank you for using our service. We would like to announce the information regarding the dating type change. To be honest there is not much female members that has chosen the dating type E. This dating type change is for the gentleman that does not want to pay for the transportation feeRead More

Must-Know Japanese Table Manners when Going on a Dinner Date

Being brought up in Western societies, many of us might have been strictly taught the importance of one’s manners when eating. If you are from Europe too, then you have probably been taught that making noises while eating, or talking with your mouth full, are not only disgraceful, but also disrespectful towards the people whoRead More

Five Different Types of Japanese Men You Will Meet in Japan

Even though men tend to say that they can never understand women, I daresay that it is them who are the real mystery! With women a lot of things are so much easier than with men. For example, if you need to buy a present for your female friends you will probably accomplish this taskRead More

The Difference Between Sugar Dating in Japan and America

Sugar dating in Japan is something that can be exciting from both perspectives. For sugar babies, there is something exciting about being able to date a man who can provide for them without them becoming tied down. For sugar daddies, naturally, there is something nice about going around with a gorgeous lady. Not to mentionRead More

Thank you for using Universe Club.

Hello, this is Mia Stone from advertising management division. I hope you are doing great. For me, yes, I am doing great and having horrible days because of humid and hot weather. I have no idea what I am going to write here, but I am trying. Well, let me write about new female membersRead More