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*Browsing for those under the age of 18 is not accepted.

*This is not a Escort service.
No sexual Service involved.

Singapore Open Campaign
Membership Fee 100% Off

1st May to 31st October

If you join as a member of UC Singapore now you will get 100% off the actual membership fee to show our appreciation for your interest and to make a toast to our new found relationship working together!
We look forward to hearing from you soon and please feel free to ask us any questions in regards to the campaign at any time!

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日本最大的 高级会员制约会俱乐部,



What is Universe Club?

So what is Universe Club?
We are basically a sugar dating service that lets you have the perfect no strings attached relationship.
We are not anything like a escort service or a marriage consulting agency.

What are the female members looking for?
Basically they are looking for support with a little bit of spice as well.

We will do the contacting, scheduling and so on, while all you need to do is enjoy your date.
Discover new flavors of life, the heart pounding dating that you will only know by joining Universe Club.

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Frequently Asked Questions From Men

I live outside of the Tokyo. Can I join?

Of course. We ask that you come to Ebisu,Tokyo once for a introductory meeting before completing registration.

I want to keep my membership discrete. How is my persinal information managed?

Member’s personal information is strictly kept private and safely guarded by approved and dedicated staff. Our member page uses a proprietary database guarded with SSL encryption so that there is no risk of data leakage. We proudly maintain all of our data on a first class security system.

Is a Social Club different from a sex service?

Universe Club is a dating club for mutually consenting parties. It is not prostitution and no one in our club is coerced or trafficked. All applicable laws are strictly observed.

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Frequently Asked Questions From Women

Is it free to join?

Yes, it is for the females.

How long does the interview take?

The interview will take about 40 min to 1hour including a photo shoot.

What should I wear for the interview?

Please wear something that you would wear for a date with a gentlemen.

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